Booking Karl

KVL loves to take to the road to showcase his abilities and meet other industry leaders, whether it be in his home country of New Zealand, or internationally. 

If you'd like to discuss getting KVL to your Tattoo Shop or Convention, please message through Facebook Messenger only.

Thank you.


KVL is proud to be sponsored by Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment.  Located in Germany (Berlin), they fulfill the highest German product quality standards.

If your brand wishes to discuss any endorsements or sponsorships with KVL, please message through Facebook Messenger only.

Karl is absolutely amazing! It has been an extreme honour to get tattooed by him!
100% professional and chill as! Will deffs be getting much more work done by him in the future!
Thanks so much Karl!
Beautiful results

- Robbie Cancian

It's gonna be hard to go to another artist. Karl's work is incredible and he makes you feel at home in the studio. Can't ask for more than that when getting tattooed! Keep it real man.

- Jessie MacLeod

Wow what an amazing guy. Has awesome vision & so willing to please. Very patient & understanding. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I love your work & can't wait to get some more incredible ink done by this talented man. Cheers Karl

- Rochelle Blossom