Booking With
KVL tattooer

Please message all booking information and queries to KVL tatattooer Facebook page. This is the only place KVL organizes appointments. It keeps everything chronologically in order under your profile so no information is lost.

Booking Requirements

1. Please send through a detailed written description of your ideas including backstorys and important information if there is any.

2. Reference photos, this can be artwork, photography etc. Include the tattoos of KVL's you like the most.

3. A photo of the area to be tattooed with lines drawn on the photo to indicate the outside areas of the work.

All new clients require a consultation unless you want free rein work. Non refundable deposits of $300 per day are taken for all appointments. If multiple days are required required, the deposit amount will be higher. This comes off the price of each day, the balance is payable the morning of the appointment before work commences.

KVL only takes on full days due to demand but we are happy to recommend someone for smaller work.

All artwork is custom and original.

Thank you.

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Highly, highly recommend!
Have had a numerous amount of time spent being tattooed by Karl and around others being tattooed by him. Most professional but down to earth person. Knows exactly what's he's doing. You can put all trust into him with tattooing. Can't wait to plan my next big black & grey piece!

- Chloe Sansom

Wow what can I say....this guy has talent ...what a fantastic service you provide.
Being able to put that much trust in an artist to go free reign on you is not for everyone but this guy is amazing and his work speaks for itself. The 4 sittings I've had have been the best experience I've had and there will be more to come Karl.

- Troy Devery

Unbelievable service, the most professional Tattooer I have encountered in my 18 yrs of collecting. Outstanding communication, direction and an unparalleled dedication to his craft.

- Tobi James